Attorney-at-law lic. iur. / Certified Specialist SBA Labour Law

Viviane Zollinger-Anderegg graduated with a licentiate in law from Zurich University in 2003. After her studies, she first worked with the self-regulation organisation (SRO) of the fiduciary chamber. In 2009, she passed the bar exam and was admitted to the bar. Before Viviane Zollinger-Anderegg co-founded the law firm Capt Zollinger as a partner, she worked for 12 years at a well-established boutique law firm in Zurich city.
Viviane Zollinger-Anderegg is – besides her mother tongue German – fluent in Portuguese (as she was born in Brazil), she speaks Spanish and English (having attended Maryland High School in the US in 1993/1994).
Viviane Zollinger-Anderegg’s specialised / preferred areas of law are:

• Labour Law
• Tenancy Law
• General Contract Law
• Criminal Law
• Debt Collection and Insolvency Law

Viviane Zollinger-Anderegg advises her clients and represents them in court. She is accredited by all Swiss courts, listed in the attorney register of Zurich canton and member of the Zurich Bar Association.